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The Bioparc’s team of devoted naturalists invite one and all to take part in our dynamic discovery activities. Come explore the region’s rich biodiversity by joining us for fun

Overnights with the Wolves

Experience an extraordinary night in a prospector’s tent in the Bioparc, with only the animals, two naturalist-guides and a small group of fellow adventurers as company. During this very special nocturnal experience, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to the wolves and coyotes calling, hear the great horned owls hooting or head out to observe the bats. The activity includes: Access to the park starting at 7:00 p.m. Evening activities with the naturalists Snack around the campfire Accommodations in a prospector’s tent Continental breakfast Morning safari with the naturalists One-day pass to the Bioparc Bioparc souvenir Up-close encounters with wildlife [...]

Children’s Birthday Parties

Come celebrate with the Bioparc’s wildlife! NEW: BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ALL YEAR-ROUND! Parents, now you can relax and let the Bioparc take care of all the details for your child’s party! Just make reservations for a birthday party kids between 4 and 12 years old and we’ll handle the rest! Come celebrate with the Bioparc’s wildlife! The party includes: Invitations cards in the Bioparc’s style to print out “It's My Birthday” badge for the birthday child Activity led by a naturalist (from the available options) Guided tour of the animals Cake decorated with an edible animal photo Surprises [...]

Day Camp

Les Renards Curieux (The Curious Foxes) The Bioparc offers a day camp for children between 8 and 11 years old. Les Renards Curieux (The Curious Foxes) come together August 14 through August 18, 2017, to take part in scientific activities and extraordinary experiences, as well as to go behind the scenes in the Bioparc. The children are supervised by an experienced naturalist throughout the week. The program offers four and a half days of activities as well as an evening and overnight at the Bioparc “with the wolves”! The first three days run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On Thursday, the [...]

Animal Caretaker for a Day

Do you love the world of animals? Want to find out more about being an animal caretaker? You can do it... at the Bioparc! This activity offers the unique opportunity of taking part in enrichment sessions for the park’s animals, preparing some meals for them and even going behind the scenes in certain habitats. For half a day, you'll join the animal caretakers for a unique experience as an “animal caretaker for a day”. You might learn how to make the habitats simulating by changing up the animals’ daily routine, access behind the scenes for the meals preparation and... why [...]

Off-season Activities

The Bioparc also offers a number of off-season activities Here is an overview of upcoming activities!   Bio Quiz April 6th, 2017, 6 PM Inspired by the popular Pub Quiz, the Bioparc invites you to its first Bio Quiz, on Thursday April 6th at 6 PM. It is in teams of four that the participants will be able to test their knowledge of the animal kingdom. Numerous prices will be offered including an overnight in one of our seaside cottages for the winning team. Registration is done by phone and the cost is 20$ by team, taxes included. The activity [...]

Nautical Excursions

The Bonaventure river estuary, also called the barachois, is a rich and unique environment from the point of view of the biodiversity. The Bioparc offers to visitors the chance to explore this wildlife reserve, the Réserve aquatique de l’Estuaire-de-la-rivière-Bonaventure. On these guided boat outings, you’ll be immersed in the unique ecosystem that is typical of the Gaspésie.   The ecological tour of one hour is offered aboard of a 12-passenger pontoon boat. The excursions is held in accordance with the daily high tide. Passengers have to plan one hour and a half for the activitie.   Modality, rates and schedule 2017 (in French)   [...]