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Part of the actual Bioparc was once the location of the Bonaventure zoo. Opened in 1969 by Raymond Bourque, the zoological garden sheltered approximately 80 animals. In 1972, the city of Bonaventure becomes the owner of Mister Bourque’s menagerie. The zoo officially closed in 1990 because of its ageing installations which did not answer to the educational and conservation standard of the time.

The Bioparc as it is known today is a non-profit organization that has been active since 1998 and that thanks to the steady efforts from the local and regional community.

In 2005, after six years of operation, the administrators of the Bioparc begin the elaboration of a strategic development plan for the wildlife park. This work will lead to two big stages of transformation in the years which will follow.

From 2009 to 2011, new habitats are put into place, such as the grey wolf habitat and the marine and coastal birds’ aviary. Nine seaside cottages are built, as well as a little farm, an insectarium sponsored by Georges Brossard and the administrative offices are expanded.

A bit later, from 2015 to 2017, the second phase of the development plan allowed us to welcome new residents, the North American beaver and the bobcat. A new playground, new signaling, new and updated interpretation panels and several other improvements enhance the experience.



Photo : Jérôme Landry


The Bioparc has 20 years old!

In the same spirit, the Quebec’s amphibians and reptiles pavilion is built. The insectarium is expanded and its permanent exhibition is updated. An interior lobby is added, the gift shop is expanded and the restaurant is updated.

Moreover, the Bioparc adds to its offer with the nautical excursions aboard a twelve passenger pontoon boat in the aquatic reserve of the Bonaventure River estuary.

Finally, we proceeded with the complete redesign of the common seals’ habitat. The new concept enables the visitors to enjoy the underwater breathtaking view from a large glass corridor.

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Bioparc, which greatly evolved since its beginnings. Let’s bet that many new projects will enhance the experience in the years to come!