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The Bioparc is home to some forty native animal species in settings that evoke their natural habitats. Find out more about the mammals and birds of the Gaspésie and Québec.

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Explore five of the ecosystems found in Québec that are particularly typical of the Gaspésie: the bay (marine environment), the barachois (sandbars and tidal lagoons), the river, the forest and the tundra.

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Enter the fascinating world of the insects by exploring the insectarium’s impressive collection, including twenty live species and over one thousand mounted specimens.

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Little farm

Get to know our barnyard animals — cows, goats, sheep, pigs and more! Come have fun with the friendly residents of our petting farm!

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Petite ferme


Amphibian and reptile pavilion

The pavilion featuring the mysterious and facinating word of amphibians and reptiles of Québec.

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