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To successfully plan your visit, download our applications right now!


Interactive map with Ondago

Ondago allows you to download an interactive map of the Bioparc. By activating the localization on your phone, you will know, at all time, where you are and what activities and animations are happening close by. Furthermore, a ton of information on each species is available on the interactive map. Once the map is downloaded, you can use it offline everywhere in the Bioparc.




Adventures of Lulu the leatherback turtle

Download the virtual game and follow the adventures of Lulu, the small leatherback turtle who is trying to free her grandmother from a fishing gear. While going through the different stages of the game, you will learn about different species of amphibians and reptiles from Québec. The application includes clues, to capture with a smart phone or tablet, hidden on the walls of the amphibians and reptiles pavilion. By accumulating these clues and answering to the questions, you will free grandma turtle which will appear, in a very impressive way, in augmented reality on your smart phone or tablet.