Upon Reservation

Photo Safari

Twice a year, the Bioparc in Bonaventure invites amateur photographers to participate in a photo safari at the Bioparc. The participants are accompanied by a biologist who shares their knowledge on the wildlife of the region. Photography activity reserved for people aged 15 and over. Limited number of places. Reservation required.




The activity is organised at the moment when there is a substantial snow cover and the animals have their beautiful winter coats.

The participants are also invited to take part in a photo contest. The ten best photos will be published on the Bioparc’s Facebook page for a public vote and a prize will be given to the most popular photograph.

The activity reserved for people 15 years old and over.

The activity is postponed to the next day in case of inclement weather. It is important to dress warmly as the activity takes place entirely outside and lasts approximately two hours.

Date : February 18th 2023
Cost : $20  (taxes included)
Time : 1:00 PM
Duration : 2 hours




Take advantage of the morning light and fall colors to photograph the Bioparc’s animals. Included is a group stroll followed by breakfast.

The activity is postponed to the next morning in the case of rain.

Date : September 30th 2023
Cost :
$45 (taxes included)
Time : 7:00 a.m.
Duration : 3 hours