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The Voice – bird edition

Oh how we like the little chirp of a bird in the morning. And how we hate the caw of the crows in the morning. Some birds sound melodious; others are very unpleasant. Either way, it is how birds communicate, but our perception is different. Of all vertebrates, birds have the greatest capacity for producing […]

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A star for a nose

Some animals may seem strange to us, either with their habits or their physic. The strangest animal often seems to us to come from afar. But, there is a curious looking animal that lives in North America, the star-nosed mole. It is part of the Talpidae family, like the better known Hairy-tailed mole. The star-nosed […]

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Small yellow eyed owl looking for a snag

The province of Quebec is home to ten species of owls, all in the Strigidae family. From the rare great grey owl to the Arctic snowy owl and the very common great horned owl, their size, color and habitat are very diverse. Camouflage is their strength, making them hard to spot in the wild. The […]

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