The Bioparc de la Gaspésie Board of Directors

The cornerstone of an institution like the Bioparc is without a doubt its board of directors who ensure the realization of its mission. As the overall responsibility of the organization is theirs, the Bioparc directors use their aptitudes and expertise to ensure a sound governance of the organization.


Serge Arsenault, President

Robert Lapointe, Vice-president

Manon Bourdages, Secretary-treasurer

Odrée Robichaud, Director

Sylvain Arbour, Director

Bernard Cayouette, Director

Claude Desbiens, Director

Sustainable development, eco-responsibility and commitments


The Bioparc’s sustainable development policy is committed to ensuring respectful management of the environment, with a minimal ecological footprint, maximum economic growth and benefits within the communities.

Our Commitments

Collections management program

The Bioparc collections management program defines its lines of conduct to respect, as that of maintaining, developing and assuring the durability of the animal and vegetation collections as well as the non-living collections at the Bioparc.

The principles and application procedures of this policy in regards to the animal collection are highly inspired by the national standards and criteria of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA).

  • Present vegetation and animals according to an ecosystem approach in order to show the relationships between the living, non-living and the environment.
  • Implement the means to reproduce the best living conditions for the well-being of the animal.
  • Adopt animal enrichment protocols that propose daily activities as well as the weekly rotation of equipment and stimulating infrastructures.
  • Implement selection and acquisition policies for animals with regards to their well-being, their vital needs and their environment.
  • Participate in collective rehabilitation efforts of indigenous Quebec fauna.
  • Collaborate with wildlife and environmental protection organizations.

The objectives of the sustainable development policy

  • Promote and reinforce operational practices and eco-responsible management.
  • Raise awareness of the staff, visitors and the Bioparc partners to sustainable development.
  • Prioritize the purchase and sale of eco-responsible goods and services of Quebec.
  • Raise awareness among different clientele to make responsible choices.
  • Highlight biodiversity by raising awareness and education.
  • Initiate projects aimed at the protection of biodiversity.
  • Support social inclusion through participation in measures that reduce social and economic inequalities by giving access to people in poverty situations or underprivileged areas access to activities at the Bioparc.

The actions

Concerned about progressively adopting eco-responsible practices, the Bioparc has undertaken actions which allow it to act concretely in environmental matters.

  • Rehabilitation of injured or orphaned animals.
  • Use of composting toilets on site.
  • Exposure and education to biodiversity and the environment, as well as the protection and conservation of these through educational activities and interpretation tools.
  • Elimination of plastic bags at the gift shop, replaced by the sale of reusable bags.
  • Elimination of single-use plastics at the restaurant.
  • Reduction of water and electricity consumption, by the shutdown of a pumping system in winter.
  • Improvement in the triage of recyclable matter versus returnable cans and bottles.
  • Delivery of returnable cans and bottles to a local charity.
  • Use of organic cleaning products.
  • Endorsement of local and provincial artists at the gift shop La Réserve.
  • Elimination of single-use plastic bottles.
  • Sale of reusable bottles and access to a water station to fill them.