Our regulations


For the safety and well-being of our animals, employees and visitors, here is what we ask of you during your visit to the Bioparc.

  • Do not feed the animals. It is forbidden to feed all animals, including those on the farm. Animal diets are developed according to their nutritional needs and established by the nutritionist and veterinarian.
  • Do not touch the animals. It is forbidden to touch the  animals, except on the farm. Our animals remain wild and we want to limit the risk of injury to visitors and disturbance to animals.
  • Pets are not allowed on the site, except service dogs on duty (excluding the small farm). If you wish to visit with a service dog, you must register at the ticket office to find out the instructions to follow on site. You will need to present the document that certifies that your pet is accredited by a recognized organization (accreditation card). In addition, you will need to present an up-to-date vaccination certificate that demonstrates that the dog has its rabies, kennel cough and annual basic vaccine (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, etc.).
  • Smoking is prohibited on site and within 9 metres of the main entrance. The Bioparc is completely non-smoking (cigarette and e-cigarette, cannabis).
  • Wearing a shirt is mandatory at all times. Out of respect for visitors and employees.
  • Do not pick or remove vegetation. It is forbidden to pick, tear or break plants to preserve our landscaping.
  • Always walk in the trails. It is forbidden to leave the trails to preserve the tranquility of our animals and preserve our landscaping.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on site. No alcohol is allowed on site, including the picnic area.