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North American Beaver

Castor canadensis

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  • The longest beaver dam in the world is found in the Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, and measures 850 meters long.Le plus long barrage de castor du monde se trouve dans le parc national Wood Buffalo, en Alberta, et mesure 850 mètres de long.
  • Apart from man, the beaver is the animal who voluntarily changes its habitat.
  • The peculiar tail of the beaver has four principal uses:
    It serves as a rudder (its webbed hind feet give it propulsion).
    It serves as a support when it is up on its hind legs, either while it is gnawing or while it moves material around with its front feet.
    It serves as a warning in the case of danger. It dives while hitting the water very hard, thus alerting the predator and warning its family to seek shelter.
    It is its energy reserve, as it accumulates fat.