Living Collection

The Bioparc is home to some forty native animal species in settings that evoke their natural habitats. As you stroll the outdoor trails, you’ll enjoy close encounters with animals native to the Gaspé peninsula and Québec. Accompanied by our naturalists and animal caretakers, you’ll learn more about mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles from the Gaspé peninsula and beyond. Are there really cougars in the Gaspé peninsula? What about wolves? After your visit, you’ll know all the secrets of our other local stars, including the lynx, moose and seals!


For the most part, these animals lead a rather discreet existence. Often active at dawn or dusk, they can be difficult to observe in the wild despite the abundance of species (more than 80) in Quebec. At the Bioparc, you can admire nearly 20 species and get to know these terrestrial and marine mammals better.

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Mostly known for their taste quality, these gilled aquatic vertebrates remain difficult to observe in the wild. More than 100 species are found in the fresh waters of Quebec, for all or part of their life cycle. At the Bioparc, it is possible to observe an anadromous species that normally reproduces in fresh water and spends its adult life at sea.

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These winged descendants of dinosaurs abound around us. More than 280 breeding species are listed in Quebec, while just over 20 are migratory. Then there are the 150 rare or occasional visitors to Quebec. The Bioparc is home to a few, including birds of prey, waterfowl, and coastal birds.

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Amphibians and reptiles

Amphibians and reptiles are ectotherms, that is, their metabolism depends on the ambient temperature. The climate in Quebec therefore limits progress in many cases. Nevertheless, Quebec still has 20 species of amphibians and 17 reptiles. The Bioparc is home to 5 amphibian and 6 reptile species.

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Insects and arthropods

Arthropods include all invertebrate animal critters with articulated legs. The insects themselves are so numerous that they alone occupy more than 80% of the entire animal kingdom. Other arthropods, including among others tarantulas and spiders, account for only 3.9%. At the Bioparc, myriapods, insects, arachnids, and others are present in the insectarium.


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In ecology, an ecosystem is an ensemble formed by a community of living beings interacting with the same environment. Its components develop a dense network of dependencies, exchanges of energy, information and matter allowing the maintenance and development of life. With this theme, the Bioparc aims to illustrate this fundamental organization of living in ecosystems: the bay, the barachois, the river, the forest and the tundra.

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